Olympus by Night

How did we get here?

Lancelot stands victorious atop the battlements of his small frontier fortress and looks out over his domain. The grounds of Camlann show the unmistakable signs of battle as it stands littered with the remains of his defeated foe. An army of ghost, some 10,000 souls strong, led by the spirit of Confederate General Beauregard, took umbrage with his claim as Lord of these lands. They insulted his guests, threatened his friends, bombarded his hold, and threatened him with death. But as the sun rises over the Black Mountains, it is Lancelot that stands tall on his battlements thankful to his friends for their assistance, swearing a silent oath to repay them in kind.

All at once, Lancelot is gone and the moment of epic glory has passed leaving Billy Bob painfully aware of the magnitude of this situation. “How did it come to this? How did we get here?”

Not long ago, Billy Bob was just another American teenager trying to figure out which girl he was going to ask to prom. He was worried about college acceptance, spending every evening filling out scholarship applications, and every weekend trying to earn enough money to buy a truck before he would ultimately leave the sleepy little town of Grantville.

“I mean, I know how it started…” All it really took to throw this sleepy little town into upheaval and turn Billy Bob into Lancelot was a bright blue flash, a noxious green mist, and a raid on the town by a small army of rat like humanoids ending in several kidnappings and about 400 of Grantville’s townsfolk left in a coma.

“But then things got really weird…” Donnie is Arthur Pendragon, Lee Lee is Mordred, and Alice is the Lady of the Lake. Oh, and apparently the school is the seat of the round table that exists in a chamber on a fourth floor that the school has never had, and no one else can find.

“Oh, it doesn’t stop there…” A few days later Charlie is Galahad and Dyson is Morgause. We all go down into a tunnel under the school to track down some of the missing townsfolk and wind up finding an underground river. Low and behold, it has a ship on it. This ship is full of those rat like creatures, and of course there is a fight. Now we won the fight, but Arthur nearly died, Dyson was a complete coward, and we are all now responsible for the kidnapping of Gwenevere.

“Then the day after our little subterranean showdown…” Billy Bob and company are inspired to wonder around the outskirts of Grantville and lay claim to their respective domains. Billy Bob claimed the south. Arthur claimed the North. Mordred became an expert in various holy sites, and Gareth and Gawain are suddenly here amongst us.

Well I guess that’s how we got here. But how did here get to us?



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