Combat Guide

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What actions can I take during combat?

Scions, and other beings of legend are often incredibly mobile or vast in scale, and easily cover an enormous amount of ground. Typically assume they can easily maneuver around the immediate combat area for free during their action. Based on their stats some of their movements may require a turn of Athletic Manuevers (For instance Shicho has a low strength score, and thus would require Athletic Manuevers to leap from platform to platform while Kai Kea could be assumed to just breeze through.)

Attack: (Speed Varies, DV Penalty- None)

Athletic Maneuver/Dash (Speed 3, DV Penalty 2) While rare, scions sometimes have to perform maneuvers that are physically taxing even to them. Athletic Manuever is a full round action, though certain knacks (Lightning Sprinter, etc) may be used to boost its effects.

Guard (Speed 3. DV Penalty- Special)
Abandoning most of their mobility and any offensive, the Scion can add their Defense Ability to their DV. They may take no other actions. The bonus ends when they stop acting defensive.

Knack/Boon: (Speed Varies, DV Penalty None)
Most Knacks and Boons have a default speed of 5. However some are passive, which means they are always on, while others are Reflexive and can be used with no penalty.

Range Measuring things in concrete numbers is rather silly, I will soon update all weapons with a new range system.

Close: Close range weapons are usually melee, but can also be things like throwing knives or mundane pistols. Things made to be used in an area that most scions can cover very quickly.





Combat Guide

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