Mortal Weapons

Melee Weapons


  • Scout Rifles- Scout rifles are single shot weapons useful at long ranges with good base damage.
  • Pulse Rifles- Mid range and less powerful than scout rifles with a higher accuracy bump.
  • Auto Rifles- Short range weapons with a very high potential damage but weak base damage.
  • Handcannons&Shotguns- Slow firing, short range, powerful weapons.
  • Sidearms- easily concealed weapons that fire rapidly but are very weak.

Handcannon- Speed 6, Accuracy 0, Damage 10L, Rate 1, Range Short
Pulse Rifle- Speed 5, Accuracy +5, Damage 5L, Rate 2, Range Mid
Scout rifle- Speed 4, Accuracy
2, Damage 7L, Rate 1, Range Long
Sidearms- Acc +3, Damage 2L, Rate 3, Range Short

Autorifles- Autorifles fire a spray of bullets with a touch on the trigger. To represent this rolls of 1 do not count against the total number of successes- instead each one indicates a bullet hitting another nearby target determined randomly by the GM between other combatants, bystanders, or objects. (if the target is a being of legend resolve it as number of 1s + epic dexterity successes from the attacker vs the DV of the defender)
Accuracy +10, Damage +1L, Rate 1, Range short.

Mortal Weapons

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