Small rules

Dehydration- For each day a character goes without water she suffers a -1 penalty to all dice pools. When this penalty is greater than her (Stamina + Fortitude), she dies. Each day of drinking proper fluids reduces this penalty by two until she returns to full health.

Oxygen Deprivation- Without air, you die faster than without water.
Characters can hold their breaths for Stamina + Fortitude Minutes. Reduce this static value by one to three when circumstances make things difficult—if a character tries to tear open a rusted ship, if the water is ice cold or if an oni punches him in the belly. A character who passes his limit suffers one level of unsoakable bashing damage for every 30 seconds, which cannot heal until the character can safely breathe again. Afterward, it heals as normal.

1 epic Stamina doubles the duration a character can hold their breath. 2 epics quadruple it. 3 epics multiplies his time by 8. 4 X40 5 X 200 6 X 1,000 7 X 5,000 8 X 50,000 9 X 500,000 10 X 5,000,000 Ultimate- A holder of ultimate stamina has no need to breathe.

Sleep Deprivation

Starvation- A character can go without food for a number of days equal to ([Stamina + Fortitude] ÷ 2) without penalty. For every day that passes without food after that, the character suffers a cumulative one-die penalty to all actions. When the total penalty exceeds the character’s (Stamina + Fortitude), he dies of hunger.

Small rules

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